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Why Switch to Artisanal Soap?

When it comes to using artisanal, all-natural soap bars- it only takes one cleansing experience to realise that you will never be satisfied with commercial soap ever again. Here's why....

They help heal and protect and provide your skin with vitamins and nutrients. The natural glycerin that is created during saponification (the soap-making process), is left un-removed in natural soap bars which further contributes to a truly creamy moisturising lather.

Commercial detergent (and even body soap) bars contain harsh chemicals that are not only harmful to the environment, but they can cause dryness and serious skin irritation. 

The commercial manufacturing of soap or ‘cleansing bars’ is completely different from the way artisanal soap is made, using only the best carrier and essential oils.

We hope this helps when considering the soap you and your family use. Always remember that what goes on your body, is as important as what goes into your body. Natural and organic soap is always better for you, your family, laundry and the environment.

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